modest swimwear at the beachPrincess modest swimsuits are modest. You stay dressed in and out of the water. No more getting bogged down by heavy and water logged clothing when you swim. Princess Modest Swimwear is safer.

Our fabrics are water repellent. Your modest bathing suit stays lightweight and comfortable even when wet. The snaps on the skirt can be closed when you go in the water, so your skirt doesn’t balloon out.

Out of the water, your suit dries quickly and doesn’t cling. You are still dressed and ready to continue your active life.  Princess Modest Swimwear is MORE than just a modest bathing suit. It is perfect for hiking, picnicking, excersizing, and going to and from the beach or pool.

Our opaque full coverage swimsuits also protect your skin from the sun’s rays with SPF 50+ protection.

All of our fabric has all been tested to the highest European standards for  color fastness in chlorinated pool water and sea water.