Princess Modest Swimwear is having an insane clearence sale on all modest swimwear. Women’s modest swim suits are now $50 – $65. Up to 60% off! Men’s modest swimsuits are only $30. Shipping is free on orders $30 or more!!

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We are happy to be able to provide you with fun and fashionable modest bathing suits with UV protection for all your summer  time activities.  We are staying with our winter time prices to bring you more affordable modest swimwear all summer long!

Modest swimwear and swimsuits from Princess
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“How to tie your Princess Modest swimwear Swimcap”.

At Princess Modest Swimwear, we  understand how important modesty is. We completely relate to how a woman wants to look good and feel good about what she is wearing, while keeping her body covered with her clothing!  We relate to wanting to be seen for who we are as women, and believe that in today’s bikini culture, people get stuck at looking at our bodies and not being able to look any further. Sometimes even we get overly concentrated on how our bodies look, and neglect what is really happening with ourselves. Before the modern invention of modest swimwear,  a lot of us  felt like we had to restrict our activities and stop doing the things we loved because we just couldn’t figure out what to wear and look respectable. Until Princess Modest Swimwear came out with modest swimsuits,   swimming and water activities and summer time was particularly challenging for women to whom modesty is important. Finally, since Princess Modest Swimwear came out  in 2006, women can do ALL of the things they love and be dressed modestly. Now you can be active and look good and have lots of fun in the summer with your family and friends, wearing modest swimwear. We offer modest swimwear and modest swimsuits for religious and non-religious women to whom modesty is important.

This year we are excited to offer two styles of modest swimsuit: the first is a skirt and a top with tights attached to the skirt. The second is a swimdress worn on tip of tights and a body suit.  All of our modest swimwear comes in new and lively colors. We use special fabrics that repel water. They stay lightweight when wet, and dry very quickly when out of the water. You stay dressed and comfortable when you are on land and in the water. For more information, and to view our suits, please go to Swimwear, How our suits are made, and New!! Our latest collection!.